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KVM Virtualized VPS

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Singapore based reliable and affordable KVM VPS with instant setup and provisioning.

We use virtfusion VPS control panel that is powerful and has user friendly interface. Currently we have a Limited time deal of 50% recurring discount on our KVM-SG-4GB and KVM-SG-8GB Plans. To get more offers and giveaways make sure to join us on discord. We also have a 48 hour money-back guarantee on our services.

Buy Singapore based reliable and affordable KVM VPS with instant setup and provisioning..

We currently accept Paypal, Cryptocurrenices including altcoins, credit and debit cards, Alipay. Our datacenters are currently located at Singapore Rack Central Facility which has a robust infrastructure, lightning-fast network and reliable backup techniques.

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VirtFusion Control Panel

Cheap VPS Hosting in Singapore

We are aware of how important dependable web hosting is to the success of your online business. With our cutting-edge infrastructure and unmatched technical know-how, we guarantee blazingly quick website loads, unwavering security, and round-the-clock client service. We can help with small businesses trying to get their name out there on the internet as well as large enterprises in need of scalable hosting solutions. Select Vebble for hosting if you want it to be more than just a service and a competitive edge for your online business. Experience Seamless Hosting Solutions like never before.

Vebble Hosting is a premier web hosting provider with a strong presence in Singapore and India. With years of experience, we’ve built a reputation for reliable and secure hosting services. Our state-of-the-art data centers, expert technical support, and a wide range of hosting solutions make us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.


Shared Hosting

Affordable and reliable shared hosting plans for small websites and startups.
Fast and secure hosting with cPanel for easy management.

VPS Hosting

Powerful VPS hosting with full root access for complete control.
Scalable resources to accommodate your growing business needs.
Choose between data centers in Singapore or India for optimal performance.

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If you are not happy with our services, please create a ticket. ​No hassle, no risk.

If you use all of your monthly traffic allowance of the VPS, network speed will be limited to 1Mbps (We do not suspend the service).
You can request additional traffic allowance at £2.5 per TB (Minimum Order: 2TB) and restore high speed connectivity via opening a support ticket in the sales department.

Free change within 24 hours after activation of the service, after that we charge £2 per instance.

At the moment, we do not provide backups. You will need to set up your own backups independently.

Currently we accept PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Alipay, Credit and Debit cards.

Yes, we do allow service transfers.
Service transfers (owner change) requests are chargeable at £3 per service.

Additional IPv4 addresses can be obtained for £2 per month.

Our customers have exclusive server access, as long as they comply with UK laws and our Terms of Service. We don’t restrict server usage within these guidelines.

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